Summer Skin S.O.S.

5 Tips for Surviving the Season

Hurray for summer! Blue skies. Longer days. And tons of fun in the sun. But while you’re soaking it up, your skin is suffering. Here are a few tips to minimize sun damage and stay safe all season long.

Hydrate: Inside and Out. Did you know that the average adult loses 2-4 liters of water every day? So obviously, you need to consume more H2O to stay hydrated in the summer. But the water you drink can’t penetrate through the dead skin cell layers of the Epidermis. Try a moisturizing mask and a toner/spritzer to keep your skin hydrated, too.

Change Your Moisturizer. As temperatures and humidity rise, your oil production goes into overdrive. Swap your rich winter cream to a lightweight moisturizer to help keep skin balanced.

Use a Vitamin C Serum. The sun can do some serious damage. In addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, it breaks down collagen, darkens brown spots, and creates free radicals that wreak havoc on healthy cells. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help filter UV rays and counteract the sun’s negative effects.

Use Sunscreen. Whether you burn or tan, are light skinned or dark skinned, you’re susceptible to sun damage. Protect yourself with an SPF 30 that has both physical and chemical ingredients. And remember, sunscreen does not replace your moisturizer so make sure you’re using both. To learn more about sunscreen, check out our blog.

Treat Sunburned Faces Immediately. To calm a sunburn, use a bag of frozen veggies or put ice in a plastic bag and apply. Don’t put ice cubes or cold water directly on the skin. To prevent peeling, try a soothing aloe mask and extra moisturizer. And don’t pick at blisters or peeling skin or the skin might scar.

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