Must-Have Masks


Nothing beats getting a facial. Seeing your esthetician once a month can help keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and blemish-free. But what you do at home is crucial to extending the effects of your facial and maintaining overall skin health. You may have your daily duties dialed in, but using a mask twice a week will help take your regimen to the next level.

Exfoliating Masks. Chock full of natural fruit enzymes and plant acids, exfoliating masks can accelerate cell turnover by gently dissolving dead skin.

Clay Masks. If you have oily, clogged, or congested skin, a clay mask can really help. Ingredients like sulfer, kaolin, charcoal, and bentonite draw out imperfections while purifying the pores.

Cream Masks. Cream masks are perfect for dry, dehydrated, and aging skin types. Depending on the types you choose, they can help hydrate the skin while brightening, lightening, and soothing.

Sheet Masks. These easy-to-use paper masks have the same properties as cream masks with no clean up! Simply take the mask out of the package, place it on your face, and remove after 15 minutes. Add a glass of wine and a movie and it’s the perfect Sunday night!

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