Movember is for Men!

Don’t get lax with your wax this winter.

Clearly we all support men’s health. And Movember is a great cause. But ladies, don’t use this, along with the colder weather, as an excuse to let your hair-tending go. Waxing is best year round, and so much better than shaving or laser. Here’s why:

Waxing lasts longer than shaving. Clearly it makes sense that if you remove the hair from the root, it takes longer to grow back. 21 days longer, to be exact. And if you wax consistently, your growth cycles sync up so you’ll get even more time before those hairs show their heads.

Waxing makes hair thinner. If you shave every day, the constant stimulation of the hair follicle triggers a “healing” reaction where the body floods the follicle with nutrients designed to make the hair stronger. Waxing is done much less often, so the hairs get less stimulation. Over time, yanking out the hair also retards the follicle so hair becomes thinner and may even stop growing entirely. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Waxing leads to fewer ingrowns and irritation. We’ve all dealt with razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by frequent shaving. Waxing can definitely help reduce this since there’s no constant scraping of the skin.

Laser overpromises. Of course there are people who are satisfied with their results, but I have a lot of clients who have tried and are still showing up on my table. That kind of says it all.

Since laser is attracted to pigment, you need really dark hair and really light skin. And it takes a lot more sessions than they claim. And after all those sessions, often the hair is not completely gone! I know waxing isn’t permanent either, but at least it’s a lot cheaper.

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