Facial Fundamentals


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Why should I get regular facials? Two reasons: Skin Health and Mental Health. In simple terms, getting regular facials helps keep you looking and feeling good. Your skin changes constantly, and it helps to have an expert identify what it needs right now. And let’s face it, no matter how good our intentions may be, we fall off the wagon at home anyway.

Additionally, the value of taking time out to relax and let someone else take care of your needs for an hour is immeasurable. Kids, spouses, work, laundry…the demands of life take their toll. And you need some recharge time to ensure that you don’t have a Mel Gibson meltdown moment, or end up hiding in a closet rocking back and forth.

When should I get a facial? As often as your schedule and budget will allow! Seriously, we all get busy with work, kids, and social obligations. But facials only take an hour. I waste an hour every day dinging around on Facebook or watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory. And the price of a facial is the same as one nice dinner for two. Surely keeping your skin healthy is worth that? Getting a facial once a month is ideal. At a minimum, come once a season to see what your skin needs and what you should be doing at home.

How do facials help at my age? In your 20s, it’s all about starting good habits that minimize bad ones…like drinking, staying out late, eating poorly, and stressing out over college. Oh the memories! Regular facials can help unclog pores, minimize breakouts, and counteract sun exposure that leads to damage down the road.

In your 30s, hormones and job stress run rampant causing adult acne and dehydration. Additionally, fine lines start to appear. Regular facials help re-texturize, nourish, and maintain muscle tone to help prevent pimples and fine lines from forming.

Your 40s and 50s require more: more exfoliation, more active ingredients, more hydration. Cell turnover starts to slow way down, and the elastin fibers that give your skin volume flatten out. Plus, the effects of aging, life-long sun damage, and menopause manifest in pigmentation, crow’s feet, dehydration, and new unexplainable growths. Fun times! Regular facials including peels and microdermabrasion can deliver advanced exfoliation to help correct these facial flaws while encouraging collagen production.

Your 60s and 70s can be a bit of a blessing because you just can’t see what’s going on anymore. But that is exactly why you need someone looking out for you to pick that giant blackhead or tweeze that long chin hair. Collagen and elastin continue to break down, forming deeper wrinkles. Regular facials help improve circulation while stimulating new cell growth for thinning skin.

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