Dermatologists & Estheticians


There’s always been a sort of rivalry between dermatologists and estheticians. They think all we do is pop pimples and rub lotion on people’s faces, and we think all they do is recommend Cetaphil and write prescriptions for Retin-A. But as a consumer, you need both on your team to ensure a win-win for your skin.

Estheticians Offer:
• A holistic approach to overall skin health which includes the evaluation of products, diet, and lifestyle.

• The ability to immediately address concerns through facials, which might include extractions, advanced exfoliation, and/or targeted hydration.

• The “spa experience,” which blends results-oriented services with relaxation and stress relief.

Dermatologists Offer:
• A task-centric approach to fixing a particular problem.

• The ability to target internal factors affecting skin, including hormones, using prescription strength oral and topical medications/antibiotics.

• More aggressive alternatives such as Botox, fillers, and laser to treat advanced issues.

In basic terms, there is only so much estheticians “can” do and only so much dermatologists “will” do. We can help fade pigmentation, but we can’t “zap” it away. They can help clear up acne, but they won’t extract your blackheads. Sometimes you need a facial; sometimes you need a pill. Seek the services of both professionals and your skin will thank you.

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